Overcome Pain with Gentle Yoga—Levels Two & Three [Stream and/or Download]


Overcome Pain with Gentle Yoga—Levels Two & Three [Stream and/or Download]

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    Embrace a new approach to healing chronic pain, integrating the most recent scientific understanding of pain, our lived experiences of pain, and the techniques of yoga.

    Initially, you may find these practices challenging. The more you practice, the more efficient your body and mind will become at releasing tension, breathing calmly, finding peace and ease of movement.

    Best effects come with guidance from a health professional or qualified yoga therapist.

    Whether you want to buy and stream/download forever, or subscribe and stream for six months, there’s an option for that—just follow the button above to levels two and three.

    You will be leaving the site and making your purchase on Vimeo.com. You’re still buying from Pain Care U and Neil Pearson, but they offer stream and download options, which we don’t… yet.

    If you want to be able to stream the videos (levels two and three together) for six months, choose the first option: Subscribe for $39.98.

    If you want a one-time download (levels two and three together)—or to stream whenever you want, indefinitely—choose the Download option for $49.98.

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