Pain Care Yoga

Pain Care Yoga and Pain Care Movement Certificate Training

Our intention is to build a community, and support high-quality pain care. Benefits to trainees, expectations, and annual fees (if applicable) will be updated on the site for your convenience—please connect with us if you have questions.

Level One Affiliate:

Pain Care Yoga Teachers and PCU Movement Teachers

Level I certifies practitioners to teach Pain Care Yoga classes or PCU Movement classes.

  • Pain Care Yoga Teachers have attained RYT200 and completed the PCU teacher certificate.
  • PCU Movement Teachers are regulated health professionals who have completed the PCU teacher certificate.

PCU teacher certificate requires completion of the Pain Care Yoga and Overcome Pain Gentle Yoga workshops, plus completion of the written assignments, proving knowledge of pain care principles.

  • PCU Website Listing: A listing on with a bio and a link to teacher’s calendar
  • Teacher’s Notebook: How to set up a 6-week program, with teaching notes and lesson plans; marketing tools, including class flyer and facebook class announcement template; and use of logo
  • Teacher’s Kit: Ten sets of Pain Care Yoga audio CDs and videos
  • Support: E-mail support from trainer; use of logo; use of class descriptions and other marketing tools.
  • Affiliate discounts on PCU resources are proposed.
  • Invitation to a bi-annual PCU Dharma retreat
Expectations: TBA
Affiliate Fee: $500

Level Two Affiliate:

Pain Care U Facilitator

Level II certifies a practitioner to teach PCY (PCUM) classes, plus offer PCY and OPGY Workshops to the public.

Pain Care U Facilitator has shown competency in:
  • Teaching PCY or PCU movement classes
  • Co-teaching both the PCY and OPGY workshops with a PCU Trainer
  • Full PCY and OPGY Workshop teaching manuals and marketing tools
  • Workshop pain education support via web or from trainer
  • Business card template
  • Affiliate discount on “PCU: Building Your Business” webinar
  • Invitation to Bi-Annual PCU Dharma Retreat
  • Teaching opportunities
  • Ongoing competency evaluation, including submission of detailed workshop participant feedback forms
  • Yearly teaching of each workshop
Affiliate Fee: TBA

Level Three Affiliate:

PCU Trainer

Level III certifies practitioner to all of the Level I and Level II offers, plus train and audit new PCYT and PCUF, and hire out as pain education experts for other PCUF programs.

PCU trainers have completed Neil’s Professional Pain Care Mentorship Program with proven competency in teaching community pain education talks and one-on-one Pain Care Sessions.

Benefits: All the same benefits of Level I and II, plus the ability to offer full PCY Teacher Certification Programs, and to audit other teachers’ workshops for certification.

Expectations: TBA
Affiliate Fee: TBA