Pain Care Yoga

Pain Care Yoga and Pain Care Movement Certificate Training

“Building a community, to support high-quality pain care in our communities, and collaboration between like-minded practitioners.”

Pain Care Yoga Certification Course includes:

  •     Part 1 – Three days, and twenty four contact hours

Previously titled Pain Care Yoga workshop

  •     Part 2 –Three days and eighteen contact hours

Previously titled Overcome Pain Gentle Yoga workshop

  •     Part 3 – Eight hours non-contact. Home study/Mini-Mentorship

Previously titled Case study report and research review

Who should attend:

Health professionals, yoga therapists, yoga teachers and movement professionals

Training locations

Each year, Neil and other Pain Care facilitators will offer the PCY certification course through Canada and internationally.

Each year Lisa and other Pain Care facilitators will offer the PCY certification course in USA.

See for scheduled courses

Certification fees

Full registration is currently $1200

Please note that each registrant will invite a person living in pain to attend the Part 2 workshop with them and then continue to work with this person as their case study for Part 3. (for those travelling to the Part 2 workshop, the course organizer will advertise in the local community for individuals interested in attending and being involved in a case study process.)

Training programs offered in two formats.

  • Six consecutive days plus home study
  • Two 3 day workshops plus home study

Registrants will be encouraged to sign up for the complete program. Registrations will prioritize full registrants, and those who previously completed individual PCY workshops. Stand-alone registrations are possible on request.

Certification Program description

Part 1

Pain Care Yoga workshop ( 3 days, 24 contact hours,  typically 8-5 daily )

The focus in the first three days is on enhancing foundational knowledge, and shifting paradigms of: pain, people living in pain, and  pain care. This course provides in-depth integration of pain science, innovative pain self- management techniques based on best-evidence, yoga philosophy and yoga practices. Participants will gain a solid foundation in pain mechanisms, and in yoga philosophy related to pain and pain management.
Daily yoga practices will help the practitioner begin the integration of Pain Care Yoga principles into their clinical or therapeutic practice.

Attendees will learn: updated pain science and basic neurobiology,

: relevant anatomy, biology, physiology, and psychology

: how pain impacts every aspect of our existence

: how to use each aspect of our existence to impact pain and to increase evidence of safety

: how to use “moving with ease” as both a pain education tool and for hypoalgesia

: yoga therapy skills and techniques for people living with persisting pain

: treatment planning through case study reviews

Part 2

Overcome Pain Gentle Yoga workshop ( 3 days, 18 contact hours, typically 9-4 daily )

The focus over these three days is experiential learning. Registrants and guests are guided through gentle movement practices and contemplative techniques. The roles of each in an effective pain care plan are discussed, along with views from science and yoga related to their importance for decreasing pain, gaining more ease of movement, and living well.

            For PCU Certification students:
Registrants will gain experiential learning of the techniques of pain care, mindfulness and yoga, build a personal self-care practice, and participate in group mentorship, as they listen to the experiences of people with persistent pain as they learn, practice and discuss pain care techniques. Each registrant is partnered with a guest, and will create a written individualized pain care plan for their guest within a week of end of Part 2.

            For guests/people living in pain:
Immerse yourself in three days of safe effective practices to decrease your pain and help you live well again. Explore modern science-based views on chronic pain, while empowering yourself with practical tools to improve ease of movement. Heal yourself through yoga techniques designed to wind down your nervous system and promote positive, lasting changes in your body. No yoga experience needed. Guests share information about their pain and responses to the techniques and information at the end of each day.

Part 3

Home study/mini mentorship

Registrants submit a copy of the individualized pain care plan they shared with their guest, plus review two peer-reviewed papers about pain.

The focus is to ensure that the registrant is able to integrate science related to pain and pain care with principles and techniques of yoga.

Neil reviews the individualized pain care plan and the paper reviews, then provides feedback and asks for clarifications or further details. He reviews it from his academic (University Professor) standard, assisting each individual depending on their area of expertise and practice.

Training levels

Level One:

Pain Care Yoga Teachers and PCU Movement Teachers

PCU teacher certificates requires completion of the:

  • Pain Care Yoga Parts 1, 2 and 3
  • Previously named Pain Care Yoga workshop, Overcome Pain Gentle Yoga workshop, and case study report

Level I certifies practitioners to teach Pain Care Yoga classes or PCU Movement classes.

  • Pain Care Yoga Teachers have attained RYT200 and completed the PCU teacher certificate.
  • PCU Movement Teachers are regulated health professionals who have completed the PCU teacher certificate.
  • PCU Website Listing: A listing on with a bio and a link to teacher’s calendar
  • Teacher’s Notebook and Kit
  • Support: E-mail support from trainer; use of logo; use of class descriptions and other marketing tools.
  • Invitation to a bi-annual PCU Dharma retreat
Expectations: TBA

Level Two:

Pain Care U Facilitator

Level II certifies a practitioner to teach PCY (PCUM) classes, plus offer PCY and OPGY Workshops to the public.

Pain Care U Facilitator has shown competency in:
  • Teaching PCY or PCU movement classes
  • Co-teaching both the PCY and OPGY workshops with a PCU Trainer
  • Full teaching manuals and marketing tools
  • Workshop pain education support via web or from trainer
  • Business card template
  • Invitation to Bi-Annual PCU Dharma Retreat
  • Teaching opportunities
  • Ongoing competency evaluation, including submission of detailed workshop participant feedback forms
  • Yearly teaching of each workshop
Fee: TBA

Level Three:

PCU Trainer

Level III certifies practitioner to all of the Level I and Level II offers, plus train and audit new PCYT and PCUF, and hire out as pain education experts for other PCUF programs.

PCU trainers have completed Neil’s Professional Pain Care Mentorship Program with proven competency in teaching community pain education talks and one-on-one Pain Care Sessions.


All the same benefits of Level I and II, plus the ability to offer full PCY Teacher Certification Programs, and to audit other teachers’ workshops for certification.

Expectations: TBA
Fee: TBA