Pain Care Yoga

Pain Care Yoga Therapy Certification Course

Building support for high-quality pain care in our communities and collaboration among like-minded practitioners

Designed especially for:

  • health professionals
  • yoga therapists
  • yoga teachers
  • movement professionals


New schedule for PCU’s fully online 60 hour Pain Care Yoga Certification Course
Jan 2021 forward.  Access our new Part 1 online PAIN CARE AWARE Foundations Course 

Pain Care Yoga therapy certification course
This 60 hour CE certification course, integrating pain science, the lived experience of pain and yoga provides the foundation from which to teach therapeutic yoga classes, to bring an understanding of pain science into open yoga classes and to provide 1-1 yoga therapy. Open to yoga teachers, yoga therapists and health professionals, the education begins with a 30 hour online self-paced contemplative and reflective education process. The second part includes 4 days of virtual experiential education, including 3 days in which you invite a guest – a person in pain – to also experience the pain care yoga techniques. Finally, you write a case report and initial pain care yoga treatment plan for your guest and receive mentorship on this to consolidate concepts, principles and techniques.


Important Note

The dates of the courses listed in the events calendar are the dates of Part 2 – registrants are required to complete the 30 hours of online CE in Part 1, prior to beginning Part 2.

If you previously completed either Part 1 or Part 2 before the end of 2020, please contact Neil for details on completing the certificate given our current certification course process.


Part 1 – foundational knowledge and group teaching


When you register for Pain Care Yoga therapy certification course, you will receive access to the online Pain Care Aware Foundations course. Details are at

  • This online education provides 30 hours of continuing education, with deep explorations of pain from scientific perspectives, from yoga teachings and from guided personal reflective practices.
  • The knowledge and experiences of this learning help you become Pain Care Aware – with your approach to yoga teaching and the language you use with students.
  • We recommend students work through this training slowly over a 1 month period.
  • Your certificate of completion of Pain Care Aware is required to participate in Part 2 of Pain Care Yoga certification.


Part 2  – the lived experience of persistent pain and 1-1 teaching/therapy


Precourse work – five hours

You will receive access to more detailed information on pain biology and on research into yoga as an aspect of pain care.

You will ‘recruit’ your own guest who will join our group of practitioners and guest for days 2-4 of part 2 (see hours below). This guest will be someone interested in exploring how yoga techniques can be integrated with current science to create a pain care plan. Your guest will need to be available for the hours indicates, be willing to work with you on building an individualized pain care plan, and have access to good internet. Please let your guest know that this is not 3 days of yoga asana practice.

Prior to Day 1, meet with your guest (virtually if necessary), and watch and then discuss a one hour presentation (which explains pain, and includes guidelines for recovering ease of movement). We will also discuss the presentation content during Day 2, if your guest has further questions.

During days 1-4, access to daily yoga practices are provided for practitioners, to assist with integration of the techniques and principles.

Information for your guest

Immerse yourself in three days of safe effective practices to decrease your pain and help you live well again. Explore modern science-based views on chronic pain, while empowering yourself with practical tools to improve ease of movement. Heal yourself through yoga techniques designed to wind down your nervous system and promote positive, lasting changes in your body. Receive individualized guidance from a PCY student-in-training. No yoga experience needed.

Day 1 – biopsychosocial and panca maya kosha perspectives, and daily pain care planning in people living with persistent pain

Hours – 9-noon and 1pm to 5:00pm



Day 2-4 – for course registrants and guests

Hours – 9-noon and 1pm to 2:30pm, with breaks from screen time

Morning hours focus on experiencing pain care yoga techniques, and sharing experiences of what works or not for individuals plus how to integrate these into a pain care plan

Afternoon starts with group discussion of the techniques practices in the morning, including the scientific findings, yoga teaching and experiences of other people in pain related to the techniques and practices.

Each afternoon provides time for the practitioner to meet with their guest – steps in creation of the plan for your guest and the case study write-up.


Certificate completion – five hours

Complete the written case study (requirement details provided), and respond to Part 2 facilitator’s questions and comments.


… the details below all remain same …


Part 1

Self-paced online education 30 CE hours

Focus: Enhancing foundational knowledge and shifting paradigms of pain, people living in pain, and  pain care; in-depth integration of pain science

Students gain in-depth understanding of pain from science and from yoga perspectives – through written, audio and video education, and reflective learning/journalling

PCYCC students will:

  • gain knowledge about current pain science, basic neurobiology, and relevant anatomy, biology, physiology, and psychology
  • explore how pain is created by and influenced by every aspect of existence
  • learn how to use each aspect of our existence to increase evidence of safety
  • learn how “moving with ease” can be used as both a pain education tool and for pain control itself
  • learn new approaches to teaching and language used during classes

Part 1 was formerly called Pain Care Yoga Workshop

Part 2

Focus: Experiential learning

Please note: In Part 2 each registrant brings a person living in pain to attend with them and then continues to work with this person as their case study. Submission of a written, individualized pain care plan for the guest is required following the end of Part 2.

Guests share information about their pain and responses to the techniques and information at the end of each day. No yoga experience is required.

For those travelling to the Part 2 workshop, a course organizer will advertise in the local community for individuals interested in attending and being involved in a case study process.

Students and guests are guided through gentle movement and contemplative practices. The roles of these techniques in effective pain care planning are discussed, along with views from science and yoga related to their importance in decreasing pain, gaining more ease of movement, and living well.

PCYCC students will:

  • gain experiential learning of the techniques of pain care through mindfulness and yoga
  • build a personal self-care practice
  • listen to the experiences of people with persistent pain
  • practice and discuss pain care techniques
  • participate in group mentorship

Guests will:

  • participate in 3 abbreviated days of safe, effective practices to decrease pain and improve wellness
  • explore modern science-based views on chronic pain
  • discover empowerment through practical tools to improve ease of movement
  • learn healing yoga techniques designed to wind down the nervous system and promote positive, lasting changes in the body

Part 2 was formerly called Overcome Pain Gentle Yoga Workshop, and case study was previously called Part 3


Registrants submit a revised copy of the individualized pain care plan they shared with their guest in Part 2. Whenever possible, the registrant documents further assessment with the guest, as well as the guest’s responses/changes related to the pain care plan provided.

Neil Pearson reviews the pain care case study, then provides feedback and asks for clarification or further details. The goal  is to assess each registrant according to their area of expertise and practice.


Training locations

Neil and other Pain Care Yoga facilitators offer the PCY therapy certification course throughout Canada and internationally, and now virtually.

Lisa and other Pain Care Yoga facilitators offer the PCY therapy certification course in the USA

Certification fees – $1200 (full registration, prepaid)