Free Resources

Pain Care for Life

First 5 Steps (Click to go to Life is Now and First 5 Steps)
—An Introduction to Pain Self-Management, with Five Free Steps

Pain Education and Movement scientific paper

Reconciling Movement and Exercise With Pain Neuroscience Education
—Article by Cory Blickenstaff and Neil Pearson, PDF (click link to view)

Record Your Own Audio Transcriptions

Record Your Own Breath Awareness, PDF (click link to download)

Record Your Own Body Awareness, PDF (click link to download)

Record Your Own Belly Breathing, PDF (click link to download)

Record Your Own Sa Ta Na Ma, PDF (click link to download)

Pain Education Videos

Empowering Self Management of Pain
—A three-video series, thanks to Pain BC (scroll halfway down the page to watch the first part—the third video down—first)

Yoga for People in Pain Series
—A five-part video series from 2013, thanks to Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute

Yoga as a Vehicle for Pain Education
—From San Diego Pain Summit, 2015

Yoga and Pain Papers

Interoception: A Nuanced Look Within
This article originally appeared in Yoga Therapy Today, published by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Used with permission. 2018.

Yoga for People in Pain, Neil Pearson—International Journal of Yoga Therapy No. 18, 2008

Yoga and Chronic Low Back Pain, Neil Pearson
International Journal of Yoga Therapy No. 20, 2010, PDF (click link to view)

Know Pain, Neil Pearson
Yoga Therapy Today Summer 2012, PDF (click link to view)

Neurobiology of Pain, Neil Pearson
Yoga Therapy Today Spring 2016, PDF (click link to view)

Mindfulness and Pain

Fadel Zeidan research

Ted Talk mindfulness and pain

Other Informative Videos

Pain Care for Life intro instructions for telehealth use video

  recorded April 2, 2020

Tame the Beast
—A pain management resources page

Making Sense of Pain Through Science and Story with Joletta Belton
– Relaxation scripts

One of the best videos with Dr. Lorimer Moseley – he has many online. Try this one first.

Brilliant pain clinicians and researchers – Butler, Moseley and Stanton, answering questions about pain