By: Neil Pearson

Pain Revolution—Interview with PT/Local Pain Expert/Rider Sinan Tejani
April 11, 2019

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Neil’s Blog ~ 3
October 19, 2017

Oct 19, 2017     Neil Pearson

A recent paper in the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy, ‘Applying contemporary neuroscience in exercise interventions for chronic spinal pain: treatment protocol’ caught my attention (It’s open access at

It made me wonder two things: is this title accurate? , and is there more than one way to apply contemporary neuroscience to exercise interventions?

When I first began working in interdisciplinary pain management programs in the late ‘80’s,

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Neil’s Blog ~ 2
August 28, 2017

Pain: a story to rewrite with yoga.

Many people have experienced that practicing yoga helps recover moving with more ease and decreases pain. These improvements are typically attributed to physiological changes such as strength, flexibility and posture, or to psychological changes such as decrease anxiety or lightening of depression. Yet, pain and changes in it subsequent to practicing yoga should be considered from many more perspectives.

Clearly pain is not easy to understand.

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Neil’s blog 1
June 2, 2017

Sharing our knowledge

About ten years ago the Wascana Rehab Centre in Regina Saskatchewan was the venue for a Pain Science and Recovery course. Norma Doerksen, attended. Like many who come to these courses Norma was already an experienced clinician. She had chosen to focus on helping people with one of the most horrible and undertreated problems – chronic pain.

During the training we covered the current state of pain research,

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