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An in-depth, individualized distance program for health professionals,
yoga therapists, and movement practitioners … more details

  • Monthly 3-hour webinars with Neil Pearson
  • Weekly practice and practicum work
  • One-on-one assignment feedback sessions with Neil Pearson
  • Up-to-date, non-pharmacological pain science
  • Learn to facilitate community building among those in pain
  • Cohorts include experienced peers and professionals

Pain Care Yoga



  • Pain Education Sessions for People Living in Pain
  • Pain Care Education for Health Professionals
  • Pain Care Yoga

About Neil

  • Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Educator and Writer
  • ‘Captain Hope’

Pain Care U Testimonials

  • I would definitely recommend the Pain Care Yoga course to any physio who works with clients who have pain, and I am not a yoga teacher. This course changed my approach after 25 years of private orthopedic practice (and I’ve done a lot of courses).

    Neil’s strategies are based in science and easy to explain to clients. The five-part pain strategy, breathing and body scan techniques (just to name a few) can be implemented with clients on their first visit and make a difference in their rehab. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the course flowed with a mixture of participants from yoga teachers, clients in pain, doctors and physios. Neil Pearson is a master!

    Physio in Bermuda
  • Overcome Pain with Gentle Yoga is fabulous. I am a physiotherapist and a long-time chronic pain sufferer and I would strongly recommend this for my patients with chronic pain. I did the yoga myself and found Neil’s voice captivating and relaxing. The pace was great, and I would recommend it as much for relaxation as for the yoga. Your knowledge of yoga and chronic pain are evident in your pace, tone of voice and emphasis on breathing techniques. I found myself immersed in the practices and forgot about my pain for awhile—a very pleasant outcome.

    Lesley Singer, PT
    Montreal PQ, 2010
  • Over and over my clients return to me with appreciation for the many new insights they gain reading Neil Pearson’s “Understand Pain Live Well Again.”

    The opportunity to reflect and study what so often comes in a blur during visits helps to reinforce their new understandings. They also come back with great questions and hungry to learn even more as they truly do learn to Live Well Again.

    Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD
    Past President, International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Our small general practice medical clinic has had great success with patients attending a Chronic Pain Group Medical Visit (GMV) with Neil. We all learned a lot about Chronic Pain, about living with it, about different ways of understanding chronic pain and about what we can do to reduce suffering.

    It is easily one of the best therapeutic and most satisfying, professionally rewarding interactions I have had with these patients. It can take a leap of faith to try do a Chronic Pain GMV but it can have a remarkable impact on everyone who attends and I highly recommend taking that leap.

    J. Harries, MD
    Penticton BC
  • I am forever grateful for the wisdom, kindness and care that Neil shared. I learned more about my personal 20-year plus suffering in one weekend than I did in over 55 medical professional visits for myself and family members.

    Susan Gerhard, PT
    Chicago IL